Building a nation of investors

Building a nation of investors

Learning from European investing culture

Learning from European investing culture

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Creating an investment culture

As a nation, we need to get better at investing. With over half of UK adults (56%) stopping saving or investing for the future, this report examines what we can learn from Europe to change our financial habits. 

Download your free copy of our detailed report, as we unpack the key investing lessons from our continental neighbours. We explore:

The financial challenges facing the UK
How Germany approaches investing so successfully
The value to be found in long-term investing
How we can create a culture of smart investing

With this report, we aim to bring down the number of people who regret not starting investing earlier – the number is currently two-thirds (66%). We want to give people the knowledge, the drive and the tools to take advantage of the value to be found in investing.

Rarely has it been more important for the UK to build sound financial habits. Investing, regularly and over the long-term, has a vital role to play.

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